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   I was invited by my brother and others to join them once again to the annual “Hike for Hope.”     Hope was a medical ship that went to third world countries to offer medical supplies and assistants.    It was a worthy cause and so we went on this twenty five mile walk.

   On this hike, I met a young lady who witnessed to me concerning salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, walking up Mt. Hope Ave.  I told her that I knew all about him.  She said, “that maybe so in your head, but did I have Him in my heart?”

   Following this walk, I had asked her for a date.  She said, “No, but you can go with me to church on Sunday.”   I didn’t have a problem going to church, I had gone to the Catholic Church for years with my sisters and brother.   We went to First Bible Baptist Church in Greece, NY.  I heard the Baptist Preacher preach from the Bible, (Which I didn’t like, because it revealed to me my sin), but I knew that if there was truth anywhere in this world, it was in that book!  After church, we went back to her parents home and enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal.   (Any meal was delicious when you are a bachelor.)

   The next week was the same.   I had called her and asked her for a date.  She said, “No, but you can go with me to church again on Sunday.”   And so I did, and every Sunday after that for the next 35 years!

   You see, I had heard the Bible preached.  I received a Bible and read it for myself!   It showed me that I was a sinner and needed a savior.  I knew that already!   On November 14th, 1974 at about 10:20 p.m. in Merilu’s parents kitchen, I got down and kneeled on the floor, and asked God to save me, forgive me, and give to me His gift of eternal life.

   I remember leaving there crying, and a little embarrassed.  On my way back to my little studio apartment, I pulled over on the side of the road, and talked to God more personally.  I assured Him of my deep repentance, and my desire to be saved, and to go to Heaven when I died.   I informed Him that I needed Him each and every moment of my days from that moment on.  That I had lived a selfish life and that if He would give me a second chance, make me a new creature, I would live the rest of my life for Him!

   That night I experienced a peace and joy, that I had never felt before.  I felt free!   I felt happy! I felt forgiven!  I now have a purpose for living; and I know that He has a plan for my life!

   I was once without Hope and without God.   I went on the Hike for Hope.   Walking up Mt. Hope Ave. God started dealing with soul.   I found Hope in Jesus Christ!

   Do you know Him as your personal Lord & Savior?    Would you allow me the honor of showing you, from the Bible, how you can be saved, have your sins forgiven, and have the assurance of eternal life?   Call me or write me today!

Pastor William O’Dell
“Salvation is not a work to be achieved, but a gift to be received.”  – Eph. 2:8-9

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